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Living on a small hobby farm on the coast of Jersey, and inspired by my love of animals, I traded my graphic design career for that of an illustrator, by bringing watercolor, pencil and marker into my studio. 


When I lost my beloved Lab Buca in 2014, I began creating memorial shadow boxes for grieving pet owners.   Just two years later, my sweet young beagle puppy Jed died tragically, and I was beyond devastated.  After quite a bit of soul searching, I found solace creating illustrations of the dogs of my family and friends.  Enduring the loss of my own beloved pets gave me the humanity and understanding that was essential in bringing out the emotion on a dog's face so that anyone could connect to it which in turn healed my heart.


I continue to expand my collection of dogs as well as barnyard pets.  With my art, my goal is to make people smile, or provide a good chuckle when they view my art. 


     Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you have enjoyed my illustrations.  Yes, I do private commissions.  Get your pet Decked-Out, just ask me how!

Suzanne Anderson

Owner & Artist




Buca was only 10 when she had to leave us.  She had the heart of a lion and the soul
of a best friend. 


Jed was only 16 months when he left a huge hole in our hearts.

They both inspired me to use my talent as an Artist and create such unique portraits.

    2015 Inspired by Buca

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